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Security name: ALFA,CLASE I SERIE A
Ticker: XALFA
ISIN: MXP000511016
Shares Admitted: 4,909,211,020
Address: GOMEZ MORIN 1111, 66250 MEXICO
Price Spread
Market of Origin Open: 1.00%
Market of Origin Closed: 2.00%
Santiago Ugena Belda
Phone: +34 913 826 148

Historical Summary

 2021 until 21/102020201920182017
Period Close Price (euros)0.62000.55500.75000.98000.9050
Period Last Price (euros)0.62000.55500.75000.98000.9270
Period High Price (euros)0.66500.75001.13001.10001.4400
Period Low Price (euros)0.47400.24600.72000.88000.8500
Capitalisation (thousands of euros)3,043,7112,724,6123,769,0204,954,0094,634,053
Volume (thousands of shares)574068223124
Turnover (thousands of euros)341586224148


ALFA is a holding company that manages a portfolio of diversified subsidiaries:

Alpek, one of the world’s largest producers of polyester (PET, PTA, fibers and rPET), and the leader in the Mexican market for polypropylene, expandable polystyrene (EPS) and caprolactam. Sigma, a leading multinational food company, focused on the production, marketing and distribution of quality food through recognized brands including packaged meats, cheese, yogurt and other refrigerated and frozen foods. Nemak, a leading provider of innovative lightweighting solutions for the global automotive industry, specializing in the development and manufacturing of aluminum components for powertrain, structural components and for electric vehicles. Axtel, a provider of Information Technology and Communications (ITC) services for the enterprise, wholesale and government segments in Mexico. Newpek, an oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in Mexico and the United States.

Relevant Facts

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Financial Reports

Date - HourBasisTitle
20/04/2021 19:27Quarterly3 MB 1Q2021 Results
20/07/2020 12:03Quarterly3 MB Resultados 2T 2020
30/04/2020 19:01Annual7 MB Informe anual 2019
17/04/2020 14:02Quarterly2 MB Información I trimestre 2020



Director RI
Hernán Lozano
Phone: +5281 87482521
Fax: 5281 8748 2507
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