NameLastDif. (%)VolumeTurnoverDateHour
ALFA C/I-S/A0.5550- --28/09/2020Close
AMERICA M. L0.5150- --28/09/2020Close
BA. BRADESCO3.1200- --28/09/2020Close
BA.SANT.RIO0.1940- --28/09/2020Close
BANORTE3.3000- --28/09/2020Close
BBVA ARGENT1.3200- --28/09/2020Close
BRADESPAR OR6.0000- --28/09/2020Close
BRADESPAR PR6.8500- --28/09/2020Close
BRASKEM PR.A3.1600- --28/09/2020Close
CEMIG P.1.5900- --28/09/2020Close
COPEL PR.B9.6500- --28/09/2020Close
ELECTRO.D19B0.0100- --05/12/2019Close
ELETROBRAS B4.9200- --28/09/2020Close
ELETROBRAS O4.8400- --28/09/2020Close
GEO ORD.B0.0355- --Suspended 04/05/2018
GERDAU PREF.3.1800- --28/09/2020Close
GR.ELEKTRA50.0000- --28/09/2020Close
PETROBRAS O.3.1400- --28/09/2020Close
PETROBRAS P.3.1400- --28/09/2020Close
TV AZTECA0.0125- --28/09/2020Close
USIMINAS1.5900- --28/09/2020Close
USIMINAS 16M0.0210- --10/05/2016Close
USIMINAS ORD1.6300- --28/09/2020Close
VALE OR.9.0150- --28/09/2020Close
VOLCAN B0.0705- --28/09/2020Close

Prices and turnover expressed in euros.
Volume and turnover includes all transactions until the closing of trading session. The total volume and turnover, including special operations carried out after the closing of trading session, is available in the historic information.

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