Financial Reports

Financial Reports
Date - HourCompanyBasisTitle
23/05/2024 07:59BANCO BBVA ARGENTINA, S.A.Quarterly889 KB Informe resultados 1T2024
09/05/2024 10:05COMPANHIA PARANAENSE DE ENERGIA-COPELQuarterly1 MB Resultados 1T
03/05/2024 12:48GERDAU,S.A.Quarterly2 MB 1Q24 Earnings Release
24/04/2024 09:22ALFA, S.A.B. DE C.V.Quarterly1 MB 1Q24 Earnings Release
02/04/2024 09:16VOLCAN, COMPAñIA MINERA S.A.A.Annual10 MB Memoria Anual 2023
28/03/2024 08:54BRADESPAR,S.A.Annual1 MB Standirized financial statements for the period ended December 2023
20/03/2024 08:54BRASKEM,S.A.Annual2 MB 2023 Annual Audited Financial Statements
20/03/2024 08:50BRASKEM,S.A.Annual3 MB 2023 Management Report
06/03/2024 14:03BANCO BBVA ARGENTINA, S.A.Quarterly890 KB Informe resultados 4T2023
01/03/2024 09:21COMPANHIA PARANAENSE DE ENERGIA-COPELQuarterly4 MB Resultados 4º Trimestre 2023
28/02/2024 09:04VOLCAN, COMPAñIA MINERA S.A.A.Annual9 MB Memoria 2023 Preliminar
23/02/2024 08:36VOLCAN, COMPAñIA MINERA S.A.A.Quarterly2 MB RESULTS RELEASE 2023 and 4Q23
21/02/2024 12:11ALFA, S.A.B. DE C.V.Quarterly1 MB 4Q23 Earnings Release
21/02/2024 08:51USINAS SIDERURGICAS DE MINAS GERAIS,S.A.Quarterly1 MB 4Q23 Earnings Release
21/02/2024 08:48GERDAU,S.A.Quarterly3 MB 4Q23 Earnings Release
22/11/2023 08:00BANCO BBVA ARGENTINA, S.A.Quarterly897 KB Informe Resultados 3T2023
10/11/2023 14:23BANCO BRADESCO S.A.Quarterly6 MB Economic and Financial Analysis Report 3Q23
10/11/2023 08:07PETROLEO BRASILEIRO,S.A. (PETROBRAS)Quarterly1 MB ITR 3Q23
07/11/2023 12:00GERDAU,S.A.Quarterly3 MB 3Q23 Earnings Release
30/10/2023 16:49VALE, S.A.Quarterly840 KB Vale’s Performance in 3Q23
18/10/2023 08:28AMERICA MOVIL, S.A.B. DE C.V.Quarterly3 MB Resultados III trimestre 2023
30/09/2023 09:35USINAS SIDERURGICAS DE MINAS GERAIS,S.A.Quarterly805 KB 3Q23 Earnings Release
04/09/2023 12:55BANCO BBVA ARGENTINA, S.A.Quarterly1015 KB Informe Resultados 2T2023
24/08/2023 10:52COMPANHIA PARANAENSE DE ENERGIA-COPELSemi-Annual1 MB Resultados 2T
09/08/2023 12:00GERDAU,S.A.Quarterly3 MB 2Q23 Earnings Release
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